The JN Circle is a global network of JN members and customers of the JN Group, serve as advocacy and community change agents whose work improves their own lives, and the lives of Jamaicans wherever they reside

    It is guided by its mantra, which is to improve the outcomes of members of the Circle by leveraging the shared of the Jamaica National Group network.

    The JN Circle offers its member an opportunity to lead initiatives which will improve their own lives and that of other Jamaicans. It will allow for networking and the building of friendships with other JN members and customers.

    JN Circle’s mandate is:

    • Building a Network of JN members whose friendship is nurtured by active engagement centred on issues congruent with JN’s corporate social responsibility, to include but not limited to: financial inclusion and empowerment; identity; personal security; early childhood education; road safety; and, gender empowerment and equity.
    • Advocacy: facilitate dialogue that nurtures behaviour change and improved awareness about issues germane to Jamaica’s development
    • Building Community: The JN Circle leads on initiatives that improve the lives of members of the Circle and positively impacts nation building. It is an avenue for greater member involvement in the philanthropy and charitable activities of entities within the JN Group.

    The benefits of the JN Circle are numerous. Membership in a JN Circle affords persons the ability to benefit from empowerment training, leadership and capacity building, and networking opportunities. It provides unmatched access to JN’s subject matter expertise, and resources that help members live better lives. JN Circle members will receive special product offers from entities within the JN Group as well as JN Circle branded items.

    To join a JN Circle, one has to be nominated by an existing member or officer of the Circle. The approval of the nomination is supported by the Governance Committee, led by the JN Group Member Ombudsman

    New members who do not have a relationship with JN, are required to establish a JN Bank account within three months of joining the Circle in order to achieve full membership.

    You can apply for membership by completing the membership form here

    To retain membership in JN Circle, one must participate in 80% of the activities of the Circle and retain a relationship with JN.

    Each local chapter of the JN Circle is led by a President, Treasurer and Secretary who are elected by its members. Each officer serves for a period of two years.

    Additionally, the president of each Circle serves on a Governance Committee which oversees its global operations.

    As outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws, the local chapters of the JN Circle meet monthly in a JN retail space. Occasionally, the venue and nature of meeting will change depending on the activities for the Circle. The format of the meeting will include: planning of activities to support the mandate of the Circle; presentations on issues of interest to members and education about the JN Group

    The Governance Committee meets bi-annually or as necessary according to the work of the Circle.