The JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class will return on May 3, 2023 as we seek to empower JN members and customers to flourish! JN Group continues to work to find measures to increase the knowledge of our members, by providing resources and subject matter experts, who can supply factual information on areas of concern to support their overall wellness and relationships. The series will consist of nine inspirational classes focusing on issues relating to marriage, relationships, mental health, communication and entrepreneurship.

    The JN Circle Life Class is for every Jamaican who wants to thrive!

    Classes are two hours in duration and comprise a mix of activities and interviews.

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    The Life Class series seeks to increase the knowledge of participants, by providing resources and subject matter experts, who can supply factual information on areas of concern to support their mental wellness and coping skills, and to guide persons on how to thrive, even during difficult times.

    Participants may register to join each weekly class via a branded ‘virtual conference room’ on the Zoom platform, and each session will also be live streamed on Facebook. Classes are two hours in duration, and comprise a mix of activities, interviews and lectures.

    Season 5 Schedule:

    Date Theme
    May 3 Beyond I Do: Defining Marriages for the Modern Era
    May 10 Swiping Left on Toxic Relationships: Finding Healthy Love in a Hookup Culture
    May 17 From Conflict to Resolution: Mastering the Art of Peaceful Communication
    May 24 Mental Health Matters: Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers
    May 31 Flirting or Harassment? Navigating Workplace Relationships in the #MeTooEra
    June 7 Love Shouldn’t Hurt: Exploring the Cycle of Intimate Partner Violence
    June 14 From Boys to Men: A Look at Modern Day Masculinity in Jamaica
    June 21 An Unprotected Generation: Exploitation and Harassment of Jamaican Youth
    June 28 Success and Survival: Tips and Testimonies of Entrepreneurs

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    We’ve never experienced a pandemic before. These are unprecedented times. Feeling anxious at this very stressful time is a normal response. You don’t have to feel ashamed.

    Here are some coping tips:

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    Managing working from home

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