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    What does a JN Circle do?

    Empowered people whose friendships are built on shared experiences with other JN customers and members.
    Facilitate dialogue to nurture behaviour change and improve awareness about issues germane to Jamaica’s development.
    Building community
    Collectively impacting nation-building through local action to improve the lives of Jamaicans everywhere.

    Benefits of joining a
    JN Circle

    As a member of a Circle, you are connected in a unique way to Jamaica National. Your relationship extends beyond product consumption. You facilitate JN’s support for things that impact you and your community. You are empowered by JN to become a Change Agent.

    Membership of a JN Circle affords you the opportunity to benefit from empowerment training, leadership and capacity-building, as well as networking. It provides unmatched access to JN’s subject matter expertise, and resources that help members live better lives. JN Circle members will receive special product offers from entities within the JN Group and participate in exclusive activities for JN Circle members.


    JN Circles consist of members of the JN Group and customers of JN-owned companies. To join a JN Circle:

    1. Get Nominated
    Only a JN Circle Member, MAC Member or JN Staff Member can nominate you to become a member
    3. Attend two JN Circle monthly meetings
    On acceptance of your nomination, you must attend two consecutive meetings to become a Vested Member of the Circle. You will be sworn in and pinned to formalise your membership.
    2. Complete Membership Application Form
    Both you and your nominator must sign your application form before it can be submitted for processing.

    Please complete the membership application form and submit to any JN branch or email to: myjncircle@jngroup.com

    4. Stay Involved
    To maintain your membership, you must participate in at least 80% of the activities of your Circle.


    JN Circles will meet monthly at a JN location across the island. Occasionally, Circles may change the venue depending on the activities for the meeting.


    • Planning and activities to support the mandate of the Circle
    • A presentation on an issue of interest to the Members of the Circle – to begin, this will be from a JN subject matter expert or partner
    • Education about JN Group, Membership and benefits